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About us

Pacfish S.A.


We are an Ecuadorian company that believes in the development of our country and our collaborators. We are dedicated to the production, packaging and export of shrimp and seafood, satisfying the needs of all our clients in different markets, delivering high quality products, transmitting the love and care with which we process each of our products.


To be the main shrimp and seafood packing company in Ecuador, recognized for our excellence in quality, service and sustainability. We seek to expand our presence in new international markets, being a benchmark for innovation and environmental and social responsibility in the industry, thus contributing to the economic development and social well-being of our community and the country.

Our products

The best of Ecuador
for the world.

Pacfish S.A. is committed to the process and exporting high-quality products, ensuring good manufacturing practices to meet the expectations of its customers, and always offering timely deliveries with competitive prices.


  • - Headless farm raised shrimp
  • - Head–on farm raised shrimp

Fresh fish

  • - Hake
  • - Bullet tuna
  • - Pacific mackerel
  • - Moonfish
  • - Butterfish
  • - Leaf/Pacific bumper


  • - Giant squid

Wild Caught Shrimp

  • - TITI PUD shrimp
  • - Jumbo shrimp
  • - Galapagos red and green lobster tails

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Our Quality Standards

Pacfish S.A. understands the importance of consistent supply. Our ability to partner with our suppliers gives us the ability to always satisfy your requirements, without sacrificing quality.

Reception and

We has established centers for fishing and purchasing fresh fish in most of the fishing ports along the Ecuadorian coast, including Anconcito, Santa Rosa, Pto. Lopez, San Mateo, Manta, Jaramijó, Esmeraldas and Puerto Bolivar.

All the handling of fresh fish are professionally managed to avoid any damage or heat stress, by keeping the product in ice at 0°C and in thermal-isolated containers throughout the entire collection process. Fresh fish are then transported to the processing plant in thermal-isolated trucks.

Selection and classification

The processing plant works under a HACCP plan and Good Manufacturing Practices. All the processing areas are well supervised and always kept in the best possible sanitized condition. PACFISH personnel utilize up-to-date equipment designed for the different processes and types of products required by our customers (Whole, Whole Gutted, HG, Filets, Portions, All fresh or Frozen).

Processed fish has a maximum temperature of 2°C before it is packed.

Storage and

Products are packed in appropriate waxed carton cases, internally covered with high density Styrofoam, with plastic film liners and gel packs needed to maintain the low temperature of the product. All cases have printed company and product information (fish description, sizes and net weight). The finished product is stored in cold rooms until its transportation.

We works only with Top-Level shipping companies to avoid any damage and delays. We are certified by the European Community to export its products to all EEC markets, with the certification number # 663.

We apply our knowledge and efforts in the fish industry, tuning in to market situations at all times. We communicate with our suppliers, colleagues and clients daily, which allows us to be specialists in our field. In this way, we believe that we are an efficient and significant company in the Fishing sector.


Why choose us?

  • Experience

    With more than 25 years of experience in the seafood export industry, we are leaders in quality and reliability. Our dedication to excellence and sustainability has made us the preferred choice of customers around the world. We guarantee fresh products, backed by an expert team committed to customer satisfaction.

  • Trust

    Trust us to bring the best of the sea to your table, with a track record that supports our promise of quality.

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