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Processor and exporter of frozen fish and fresh
Ecuadorian products 100% first quality, meeting all HACCP standards




Now with more than 25 years of experience,
always providing its customers with quality products at competitive prices.



With international experience serving more than 15 countries on 4 continents.



MISSION: The mission of Pacfish is to provide excellent quality products at a fair price and thus build lasting partnerships.
Our strong commitment is demonstrated by maintaining a constant relationship with our old and new customers by providing products with excellent customer service and with fish and shrimp of first grade quality.

VISION: Maintain, manage and monitor the sustainability of our products as we make customers' safety our priority.
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Pacfish SA is committed to process and export quality products, ensuring good manufacturing practices to meet the expectations of its customers, always offering timely deliveries with competitive prices.
project 1

Hake, Merluza

Es: Merluza maltona
Fr: Merlu du Chili
In: South Pacific Hake
Length: Its mean average length is 42 cm...
Habitat and biology: Demersal species, that lives in shallow waters of the continental plataform and also on the banks up to 500 m of depth...

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project 2

Butterfish, Pampanito

Es: Palometa cometrapo
Fr: Stromaté du Pacifique
In: Pacific harvestfish
Length: Its maximum length 25 70 cm...
Habitat and biology: It is found in waters of the continental platform, from 12 m of depth,..

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project 2

Moonfish, Carita

Es: Jorobado espejo
Fr: Musso pacifique
In: Pacific moonfish
Length: Its mean length is 24 cm...
Habitat and biology: It is found in waters of the continental platform, of pelagic and demersal...

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project 4

Bullet Tuna, Botellita

Es: Jorobado espejo
Fr: Musso pacifique
In: Pacific moonfish
Length: 100-150 / 150-250 /250-350 / 350-500gr.

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project 5

Mahi-mahi, Dolphinfish, Dorado

Es: Dorado Común
Fr: Coryphene commune
In: Common dolphinfish
Length: In the artisanal fishing they catch specimens from 42 cm...
Habitat and biology: Pelagic specie oceanic and coastal. It feeds on fish, crustaceans and molluscan. Spawns offshore.

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project 6

Pacific Mackerel, Morenillo

Es: Perilla
Fr: Vizet
In: Blue Mackerel
Length:200 - 300 / 300-500 / 500-700 - 700 up.

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project 7

Oil Fish, Escolar

Es: Escolar negro
Fr: Escolier noir
In: Escolar
Length: Its mean length is 120 cm...
Habitat and biology: Mesopelagic, batipelagic and oceanic species. It feeds on crustaceans and squids.

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project 8

Camarón Pomada

Its mean average length is 8.5 cm
Principal ports of landings: Playas, Posorja, Guayaquil.

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project 9

Calamar Gigante

Nombres Vernáculos:
Calamar, Calamar gigante
Nombres Comerciales:
Calamar, Jumbo Flying Squi.
Habitat and biology: Jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, can be found at depths between 200-700 meters...

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project 10


Es/Sp:Camarón Patiblano
Fr/Fr: Crevette pattes blanches
In/En: Whiteleg Shimp
Length: Maximum size 23cm, 9 cm high TL...

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project 11

Yellowfin Tuna, Atún aleta amarilla

Es: Rabil
Fr: Albacore
In: Yellowfin Tuna
Length: Its means length is 130 cm...
Habitat and biology: Lives in oceanic waters, it is a epipelagic specie, from the surface to 100 m of depth ...

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project 12

Swordfish, Pez Espada

Es: Pez Espada
Fr: Espadón
In: Swordfish
Length: Its mean length is 280 cm.
Habitat and biology: Species highly migrant, lives in tropical and temperate waters, epipelagic, oceanic though also frequents coastal waters...

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project 13

Wahoo, Pez Sierra

Es: Peto
Length:Its mean length is 130 cm...
Habitat and biology: Epipelagic species, is found in oceanic waters and in nearby areas away from rocky zones of the coast...

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project 14

Leaf , Pacific Bumper, Hojita

Es: Casabe orqueta
Fr:Sapater du Pacifique
In:Pacific Bumper
Length:80-100 / 100-150 / 150-200 /200p gr.

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project 15

Cornet Fish, Corneta

Length:200-300/ 300-500 / 500-700 700up gr..

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project 16

Leather Jacket, Chancho

Length: 200-300 / 300-500 / 500-700/ 700 up g r.

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project 17

Ribbonfish, Corbata

Length: 200-300 / 300-500 / 500-700 / 700 up.

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  • project 1


    Merluccius Gayi

  • project 2


    Peprilus Medius

  • project 3


    Selene Peruviana

  • project 4

    Bullet Tuna

    Auxis Rochei-Risso

  • project 5


    Coryphaena hippurus

  • project 6

    Pacific Mackerel

    Scomber Japonicus

  • project 7

    Oil Fish

    Lepidocymbium flavobrunneum

  • project 8

    Titi Shrimp

    Protrachypene precipua

  • project 9

    Giant Squid

    Docidicus Gigas

  • project 10


    Litopenaus Vannamei

  • project 11

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Thunnus Albacares

  • project 12


    Xiphias gladius

  • project 13


    Acanthocybium solandri

  • project 14


    Chloroscombrus Orqueta

  • project 15


    Fistularia commersoni

  • project 16

    Leather Jacket

    Australoheros Facetus

  • project 17


    Trichiurus Lepturus


PACFISH has established centers for fishing and purchasing fresh fish in most of the fishing ports along the Ecuadorian coast, including Anconcito, Santa Rosa, Pto. Lopez, San Mateo, Manta, Jaramijó, Esmeraldas and Puerto Bolivar.
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Reception and Download:

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Selection and classification of raw materials:

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Packaging, Storage and Shipping

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    All the handling of fresh fish are professionally managed to avoid any damage or heat stress, by keeping the product in ice at 0°C and in thermal-isolated containers throughout the entire collection process. Fresh fish are then transported to the processing plant in thermal-isolated trucks.

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We simply apply our knowledge and efforts on the Fish industry, making us tuned into market situations at all times. We communicate with our Fishermen, colleagues, and customers daily about Fish to enable us to be specialists in our field. By doing so, we believe we are a very effective and significant Fish company.
Pacfish S.A. understands the importance of consistent supply. Our ability to partner with our resources provides us with the ability to fulfill your Fish requirements without sacrificing quality, each and every time.


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