Scientific Name: Acanthocybium solan dri
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    Vernacular Names:
    Es/Sp: Peto
    Fr/Fr: Thazard-batard
    In/En: Wahoo

    Local Names:
    • Colombia: Peto, Sierra, Sierra canalera, Wahoo
    • Ecuador: Wahoo, Peje sierra, Pez sierra
    • México: Peto
    • Panamá: Peto Wahoo, Wahoo
    • Perú: Wahoo

    Commercial names: Wahoo

    Simile of international trade: Cosmopolitan

    Fishing season: Mainly en the second semester of the year.

    Geographical distribution: Its distribution goes from 32° 43’ N to 05° 00’ S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

    Habitat and biology: Epipelagic species, is found in oceanic waters and in nearby areas away from rocky zones of the coast. It feed on pelagic small fish and squids.

    Length: Its mean length is 130 cm (OL), though they can be specimens of 210 cm (OL). In the Ecuador specimens are captured of 9 to 18 (kg) of weight and in occasions more than 45 (kg).


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