Scientific Name Merluccius Gayi
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    Vernacular Names:
    Es/Sp: Merluza maltona
    Fr/Fr: Merlu du Chili
    In/En: South Pacific Hake

    Local Names:
    • Ecuador: Merluza, Tuza
    • Perú: Huaycuya, Merlango, Merluza, Peje palo, Pescada, Pescadilla.

    Commercial names: Hake, Merluza, Chilean hake.

    Simile of international trade: Merluccius hubbsi, M. Productus, M. Merluccius

    Fishing Season: All year round.

    Geographical distribution: Its distribution goes from 00 01'S to 18 20' S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

    Habitat and biology: LDemersal species, that lives in shallow waters of the continental plataform and also on the banks up to 500 m of depth. In the Gulf of Guayaquil (Ecuador) when there is influence of the cold current Humboldt or "La Niña" event, it can be found in less than 50 m of depth, being captured by the nest of the shrimp trawlers (it is discarded). Not included in the IUCN Red List.

    Length: Its mean average length is 42 cm (TL), although there they can be specimens of 79 cm (TL). According to fishbase: The maximun total length es 68 cm (TL) for male and 115 cm (TL) for female and maximun reported age 13 years.


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