Scientific Name: Jumbo Flying Squib
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    Vernacular Names:
    Es/Sp: Jibia Gigante
    Fr/Fr: Encornet Géant
    In/En: Jumbo Flying squind

    Commercial names: Calamar, Jumbo Flying Squi

    Distribution in Ecuador: Off the coast approximately 20-40 miles away.

    Geographical distribution: Its distribution goes from 32 ° 43'N to 06 ° 00' in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

    Features: Manto sturdy, oversized; wide diamond-shaped fins, wsu length is between 45% to 49% with realción a mantle length.

    Habitat and biology: Jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, can be found at depths between 200-700 meters in the waters of the eastern Pacific from Tierra del Fuego north to California.

    Principal ports of landing: Santa Rosa (salinas).

    Types of fisheries: Artisanal.

    Length: Its average is 50 cm mantle length.


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